CLR Business Commitment - The company with a purpose

Chowen Lakes Realty


It is the mission of Chowen Lakes Realty to ethically and profitably provide exceptional professional real estate services to the home selling, home buying, leasing, commercial, land and real estate investing public. We are dedicated to creating exceptional experiences for our communities and clients through quality service.


The following principles form the basis for executing the mission statement of Chowen Lakes Realty. Licensees, staff and management of the company will work as a team to accomplish the mission statement and promise to abide by these principles.

1. PROFESSIONALISM: Professionalism at Chowen Lakes Realty means approaching the business with ethical conduct toward our customers and clients. Abiding by the REALTOR® CODE OF ETHICS forms the basis of that standard. Secondly, continuing training and education keep us informed and at the peak of awareness for customer and client. Each licensee and employee of Chowen Lakes Realty is pledged to these ideals.

2. INTEGRITY: Simply put, honesty in all business dealings is the best way to get and keep business over the long term. Honesty also forms the basis for the best business protection we can get. It is a simple, effective, efficient and cost effective risk reduction method.

3. PROFITABILITY: Chowen Lakes Realty is in business to make profits in the course of its ordinary activity. Each licensee and staff member has a responsibility to the company to contribute to its profitability, whether it be in terms of direct production of revenue or careful expenditure of company funds.